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The subject of overpopulation and its consequences on the environment and on our lives are confined to the rarified sphere of academia , research institutes , world institutions and the internet, while its wider dissemination in the public media and therefore in the people’s consciousness, is missing.

We aim at correcting such mysterious absence from the public debate, presenting here some articles and documentation regarding what we consider one of the most important issues of our time, overpopulation.

Reconsidering population growth
A round-table discussion on the economic, financial and environmental implications of over-population.
Optimum Population Trust, London 15 February 2006
The prospect of population decline: environmental relief or economic threat?
D.A. Coleman University of Oxford

"Science Summit" On World Population
A Joint Statement by 58 of the World's Scientific Academies

Population and Its Discontents
Vision for a Sustainable World
Excerpted from the September/October 2004 WORLDWATCH magazine
Special online feature on population at

Global and Local Solutions to Population Growth

Population size 'Green priority'
By Richard Black
Environment Correspondent, BBC News website
Solving the Earth's environmental problems means addressing the size of its human population, says the head of the UK's Antarctic research agency.

The Fewer the Better
David Nicholson-Lord
8 November 2004-New Statesman.

Peak Oil, Carrying Capacity and Overshoot:
Population, the Elephant in the Room.
What Drives Population - Food or Energy?
Population Decline - Red Herrings and Hope
By Paul Chefurka:

From The Life And Death Of Nssm 200
How the Destruction of Political Will Doomed a U.S. Population Policy

Overpopulation & Terrorism: Rats In A Cage
by John Omaha

Implying That 6.5 Billion Is Sustainable?
Birth rates 'must be curbed to win war on global poverty'
31 January 2007

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to the Congress on Problems of Population Growth," July 18, 1969, entitled "World Population, A Challenge to the United Nations and Its System of Agencies."

on nearly 50 areas of policy and action, including sex education, equal rights for women, contraception and minors, voluntary sterilization, abortion, and population stabilization.

Online Videos

Arithmetic, Population and Energy
By Dr. Albert Bartlett. Both video and MP3 available.

Professor Bartlett lectures regularly to a wide variety of audiences from coast to coast on the topics such as “Sustainability 101: Arithmetic, Population, and Energy.”
In 37 years he has given this lecture over 1600 times.

A one-hour DVD of this lecture is available from the General Book Department of the University of Colorado Bookstore, Campus Box 36
Boulder, Colorado, 80309-0036; Phone (303) 492-7599; FAX (303) 492-0420; 
Price: $12 plus $7.50 for shipping and handling.
(Prof. Bartlett accepts no royalties from the sales of these DVDs.)
A reprint book of Prof. Bartlett’s papers on the subjects of growth and sustainability is available.
“The Essential Exponential” (2004)
A.A. Bartlett, R.G. Fuller, V.L.P. Clark, J. Rogers
Center for Science, Mathematics and Computer Education
University of Nebraska, Lincoln, NE, 68588-0131
(402) 472-9304,
(Prof. Bartlett accepts no royalties from the sale of these books.)